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We design, develop and manufacture customized photodetectors as well as standard products. Our products follow high standards of performance and quality for different industries.

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Superior Photosensitivity of ElFys Photodetectors

ElFys provides photodetectors and related services for various light detection applications. Each of our photodiode product offers superior photosensitivity and other optimized characteristics.

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SM Product Line

Key Benefits:
Key applications:

Product Name

Photosensitive area


3.22 mm2


4.66 mm2

sm product

PD Product Line

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Key applications:

Product Name

Photosensitive area


1 mm2


4 mm2


5 mm2

Product Name

Photosensitive area


25 mm2


100 mm2

pd product
custom product

Custom Product

We provide tailored photodetector solutions based on our advanced technology for the customer’s applications. Contact us to learn more.

All-in-One Solutions

Innovation Package

2950 euro
We help our customers to evaluate our advanced photodetector technology in their applications. The purpose is to prove the design concept at initial stage, and to verify the intended performance. This provides an easy, fast and low-risk approach for product development.
  • 2 weeks delivery time
  • Photodetector technology support and consultation
  • Demonstration photodetector chips
  • Evaluation samples of standard form factor and configuration
  • Demonstration photodetector performance characterization
  • Measurement report
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Custom Solution

Upon Agreement
An optimized solution with unmatched performance and quality for each individual use case. We design and prototype product samples with the customer’s specification, enabling the customer to quickly verify the new solution, and guaranteeing a short time-to-market.
  • 3-4 months delivery time
  • Customized photodetector chip design based on specifications
  • Customized packaging design based on specifications
  • Manufacturing prototypes in small volume
  • Comprehensive testing for quality verification
  • Measurement report
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Articles & News

Key Applications

You have the application, we have the technology to enhance it.

Meet our Team

The company is based on long-term research work at Aalto University. Our core team consists of former senior researchers and engineering leaders. About 40 % of ElFys staff are women, and we speak 7 languages at native level.

mikko juntunen
  • Strong experience in developing, industrializing and selling science based innovations.
  • Several inventions patented, publications in top journals like Nature.
  • Experience of starting new companies and units within existing ones.
antti haarahiltunen
  • Senior scientist in several research projects in Aalto University (Espoo, Finland).
  • Strong background in silicon material characterization, device processing and modeling.
  • Author of over 40 journal articles, and has delivered presentations throughout the world.
timo koljonen
VP of Operations
  • Decades of experience in supply chain management and development as well as operations management ranging from start-ups to larger corporations.
  • 15 years industrial background in silicon wafer technology and manufacturing.
  • True team player who creates added value by continuous improvement.
juha toivonen
VP of Business Development
  • 15+ years of experience in various roles and different domains ranging from startup and academia to corporate and top-tier consulting.
  • Wide-ranging expertise in business development and commercialization of advanced technologies.
  • MBA from University of Oxford.
juha heinonen
Project Manager
  • Vast expertise on the entire black silicon photodiode fabrication process.
  • Publications in top journals like Nature.
  • Doctoral degree from Aalto University (Espoo, Finland) with black silicon photodiodes as the topic of the thesis.
ji fan
Program Manager
  • Customer value oriented mindset and practitioner of lean principles in business.
  • Years of experience in new product development, project management and operation excellence.
  • Strong industrial background in lighting, imaging detectors and technical background in semiconductor technology.
toni pasanen
Senior Project Engineer
  • Background in applied research on semiconductor-based optoelectronic devices.
  • Several years of experience in designing and fabrication of various types of light and radiation detectors and solar cells.
  • Strong expertise on black silicon fabrication processes and surface passivation via thin film coatings.
chiara modanese
Senior Project Engineer
  • Strong background in applied research along the value chain of silicon photovoltaics.
  • Experience in advanced applied spectroscopy in semiconductors.
  • Author of more than 20 journal publications.
michael serue
Project Engineer
  • Hands-on experience in detector manufacturing processes.
  • Background in applied research in silicon photovoltaics.
  • Experimental contribution to scientific publications.
daria kriukova
Test System Engineer
  • Proficient in programming, including Python, JavaScript, Matlab, HTML/CSS.
  • Skilled in configuring test setups, their maintenance and development.
  • Experienced in designing and administrating relational databases.
mikko rasa
Sales and Marketing Manager
  • More than 10 years of experience in technical B2B sales.
  • Sales and business development experience from global companies.
  • 4 years of experience as an Analog IC Design Engineer.
laura tervo
Process Engineer
  • 8 years of experience in semiconductor manufacturing and R&D processes.
  • Worked on standard operational procedures and quality development at process level.
  • Educational background in Industrial Management.
sanni lassila
Process Engineer
  • Educational background in materials science and semiconductor manufacturing technology.
  • Practical background in MEMS process development and materials characterization.
  • Experience in various academic and industrial research projects.
susanna heinlahti
  • Strong background in reporting and budgeting.
  • Several years of experience with tasks in financial administration and project financing.
  • Team player with a positive can-do attitude.
camilla koivu
Marketing and Market Intelligence Manager
  • A marketing expert with a comprehensive background in branding and strategic thinking.
  • Diverse experience in both SMEs, and multinational corporations .
  • Strong interpersonal skills, demonstrated by successful stakeholder relationships and a history of creating impactful business strategy.
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ElFys’ Patented Technology

Most light sensing technologies capture about two thirds of light rays, whereas we can capture all of them. The Black Silicon Induced Junction Photodiode provides superior sensitivity over wide spectral range, especially in the ultraviolet as well as ultra-wide viewing angle. Increased sensitivity provides improvement potential to any applications where light needs to be measured.

External Quantum Efficency

Nearly Ideal Photoresponse Over a Wide Spectral Range

Our photodetectors have photoresponse from 200 to 950 nm. The collection efficiency is enhanced by employing a surface nanostructuring technique combined with an atomic layer deposited coating.

Higher Photoresponse

Exceptional Photoresponse in The Ultraviolet

The highly effective surface passivation technology eliminates surface recombination. It boosts the collection efficiency of signal charges generated really close to the photodiode top surface, yielding over 100% quantum efficiency for ultraviolet light.

Ultra-Wide Sensing Angle

High Absorbance at Ultra-Wide Sensing Angle 60°

The black silicon surface combined with a tailored atomic layer deposited coating layer greatly enhances the surface absorbance for an extended range of sensing angles, with single-digit reflectance up to 1000 nm and 60° incident angle.

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What our Clients Say

ElFys is receiving great feedback from customers on our high-performance photodiodes!

“Excellent choice for spectroscopy instruments”

We got to know ElFys back in 2019, and since then, we have worked to apply their unique black silicon photodetector technology into our new developments, such as the new release of our High-Performance Redstone® OSA302 Spectrum Analyzer. ElFys’ photodetector is an excellent choice for spectroscopy instruments at short wavelengths.
Our new spectrum analyzer incorporates unique black silicon photodetector technology from ElFys, delivering superior photosensitivity across a wide spectrum from the UV to NIR. With ElFys’ innovation, Thorlabs’ new instrument boasts an extended wavelength range, low noise, high resolution, and sensitivity – qualities essential for demanding applications in various fields.

Olle Rosenqvist
OSA R&D Manager at Thorlabs Sweden

“The best customized solution”

ElFys photodetector is a high-end product, which provides excellent photosensitivity, especially on the lower end of the visible spectrum. Also, the long-term thermal stability of the detector is outstanding. The co-operation with ElFys to find the best customized solution for us was also very smooth.

Jukka Lindfors
R&D and Quality Manager
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