March 14, 2024

ElFys Expands with New Mass Production Facility

ElFys, a Finnish company specialising in black silicon photodiode technology, has announced that it has achieved a significant milestone by delivering the first customer samples of its black silicon-based photodetectors from a mass production foundry. ElFys is already producing photodetectors at commercial scale for various market segments at its facility in Finland, but the external foundry enables ElFys to address very high-volume business segments such as consumer wearables. This achievement underscores the continuous and significant expansion of ElFys' production capability, further demonstrating the scalability and commercial viability of its black silicon photodetector technology. The external partner, engaged for mass production, will play a crucial role in bringing ElFys' cutting-edge photodetectors to a broader market.

Mass production of ElFys’ black silicon photodetectors in the new facility is expected to start in early 2025. The company has already secured several orders from major customers in various industries and expects to see a high demand for its products in the global market.

ElFys CEO, Dr. Mikko Juntunen, said: "We are very proud to announce this milestone achievement, which demonstrates our commitment to innovation and excellence. The production ramp up of ElFys’ black silicon photodetectors is the result of years of hard work and dedication by our talented team of engineers and scientists. We believe that our products will revolutionise the field of photonics and enable new applications and solutions for our customers."

ElFys' black silicon photodetectors - photo by Jari Härkönen

About ElFys, Inc.

ElFys provides light sensors with sensitivity better than anything seen before, literally catching every ray of light. The technology greatly improves any light sensing application ranging from health monitoring to analytical instrumentation and security X-ray imaging. The superior performance of ElFys photodetectors is based on an inventive combination of modern MEMS nanotechnology and atomic layer deposition. The core technologies are patented and in the possession of the company.

ElFys was founded in 2017 and is located in Espoo, Finland. The company is based on long-term research work on photo-detector technologies at Aalto University. Our core team consists of former senior researchers, engineering leaders and business professionals. The company utilizes the state-of-the-art processing facilities at Micronova Nanofabrication Center in Espoo, Finland: 2600 square meters of CMOS compatible facilities suitable for both R&D and semi-mass production. For high-volume mass production, ElFys has partnered with an external, European foundry.

About ElFys' patented technology

Most light sensing technologies capture about two thirds of light rays, whereas ElFys’ technology can capture all of them. The Black Silicon Induced Junction Photodiode provides superior sensitivity over a wide spectral range, especially in the ultraviolet, as well as an ultra-wide viewing angle. The increased sensitivity provides improvement potential to any applications where light needs to be measured.


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