November 14, 2023

Dr. Juha Heinonen Wins Best Doctoral Thesis

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Juha Heinonen for being honoured with the prestigious Doctoral Thesis of the Year Award. In his remarkable thesis, Heinonen delved into the development of “High-sensitivity photodiodes using black silicon and induced junction” has demonstrated his exceptional expertise and significantly contributed to the field of silicon-based photodetectors. Thesis supervisors are Prof. Hele Savin and Dr. Mikko Juntunen.

Also Juha Heinonen is one of co-founding members established ElFys, Inc. The company, dedicated to the commercialization of these advanced sensors, has already made significant strides, selling to 58 customers across 14 countries, with mass production on the horizon.

The innovative features of ElFys' photodiodes, including superior photosensitivity across multiple wavelengths, low dark current, compact design, enhanced photosensitivity, and optimized electrical properties, align closely with the advancements showcased in Heinonen's thesis. This recognition not only underscores Heinonen's expertise but also shines a spotlight on the cutting-edge solutions offered by ElFys, Inc., poised to revolutionize industries reliant on precise and efficient light detection capabilities.

About the Award

The annual Doctoral Thesis of the Year award, presented by Tekniikan akateemiset TEK & Tekniska Föreningen i Finland – TFiF, acknowledges outstanding contributions to research and development. Since 1999, these awards have aimed to encourage and celebrate excellence in engineering and architecture graduates, fostering a culture of continued learning and development.

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The world's most sensitive photodetector - watch Juha Heinonen's short interview.

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