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ElFys has Joined the Digital Defence Ecosystem (DDE)

ElFys has joined the Digital Defence Ecosystem (DDE) to collaborate and drive innovation in defence and security solutions. DDE is a Finnish industry-driven platform that facilitates research and development, helping members amplify their capabilities, and boost business growth in global defence and security markets.

As a member, ElFys aims to leverage its photodetector expertise to explore new opportunities, strengthen its position in the global market, and stay ahead of digitalization trends. ElFys’ participation in DDE also signals its commitment to enhancing the operational performance and capabilities of its clients and partners in the defence and security sectors.

This collaboration underscores ElFys' dedication to innovative research and development, ensuring that our offerings also tailored to meet the evolving needs of the defence and security industries.

Feel free to visit and explore the Digital Defence website, where you can read more on this topic.