Our history

ElFys, Inc. was founded in the fall 2017 to commercialize the innovation of photodetector technologies invented by a group of university researchers. The technologies are protected by our patent families.

The company utilizes the state-of-the-art processing facilities at Micronova Nanofabrication Center in Espoo, Finland: 2600 square meters of CMOS compatible facilities suitable for both R&D and semi-mass production.

Partners of the company also have vast expertise on silicon photovoltaics and related research. The structure and operation principles of solar cells and photodiodes are very similar and thus innovations from solar cells can often be applied to photodiodes and vice versa. Topics like surface passivation and defect engineering are integral parts of the manufacturing process and essential for achieving the superior response of our photodiodes.

Our team

D.Sc. (Tech), Mikko A. Juntunen, CEO

email: firstname.lastname(at)elfys.fi
phone: +358 40 860 9663

  • Strong experience in developing, industrializing and selling science based innovations
  • Several inventions patented, publications in top journals like Nature
  • Experience of starting new companies and units within existing ones

D.Sc. (Tech), MD Antti Haarahiltunen, CTO

email: firstname.lastname(at)elfys.fi
phone: +358 40 739 6048

  • Senior scientist in several research projects in Aalto University (Espoo, Finland)
  • Strong background in silicon material characterization, device processing and modeling
  • Author of over 40 journal articles, and has delivered presentations throughout the world

M.Sc. (Tech), Juha Heinonen, Project Manager

email: firstname.lastname(at)elfys.fi
phone: +358 41 545 2606

  • Vast expertise on the entire black silicon photodiode fabrication process
  • Publications in top journals like Nature
  • Pursuing on the side a doctoral degree at Aalto University (Espoo, Finland) on black silicon photodiodes

D.Sc. (Tech), Ji Fan, Account Manager

email: firstname.lastname(at)elfys.fi
phone: +358 40 557 7716

  • Customer value oriented mindset and practitioner of lean principles in business
  • Years of experience in new product development, project management and operation excellence
  • Strong industrial background in lighting, imaging detectors and technical background in semiconductor technology

M.Sc. (Tech), Mikko Rasa, Account Manager

email: firstname.lastname(at)elfys.fi
phone: +358 40 120 9111

  • 10 years of experience in technical B2B sales
  • Sales and business development experience from global companies
  • More than 4 years of experience as an Analog IC Design Engineer

D.Sc. (Tech), Chiara Modanese, Project Engineer

email: firstname.lastname(at)elfys.fi
phone: +358 40 191 1886

  • Strong background in applied research along the value chain of silicon photovoltaics
  • Experience in advanced applied spectroscopy in semiconductors
  • Author of more than 20 journal publications

M.Sc. (Tech), Michael Serué, Project Engineer

email: firstname.lastname(at)elfys.fi
phone: +358 50 407 5502

  • Hands-on experience in detector manufacturing processes
  • Background in applied research in silicon photovoltaics
  • Experimental contribution to scientific publications

M.Sc. (Tech), Daria Kriukova, Project Engineer

email: firstname.lastname(at)elfys.fi
phone: +358 44 965 2720

  • Background in Laser technologies and Welded Metal Structures
  • Background in studying the reflection phenomena during a welding process
  • Practical experience in laser material processing